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Classic Motors Daimler 1885 Casting Kit

Classic Motors Daimler 1885 Casting Kit

Ref: Classic-DAIMLER

The original engine was one of the first engines constructed by Gottlieb Daimler and used in an very early motorcarriage "The Motorkutsche". This engine was called the "Standuhr". It was the first "fast running" petrol engine; that means, it ran with approximate 700 RPM !
The 125 year old technique and the very interesting and unusual valve gear with a grooved disc , all works perfect in this modelengine. You can build this engine on a small lathe. The internal flywheels are 95mm in diameter. The laser cut grooved disc is also part of the casting kit.

Price: $448.95 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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