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Liney Halo (Kit)

Liney Halo (Kit)

Ref: Liney-Halokit

This is a self build kit. A lathe and a mill are needed to complete this kit. No machined parts are included.

This is an air operated five cylinder radial. It has cams on the crank which operate the pushrods and in turn the rocker arms and the very unique ball bearing valves. The valves are positive sealing on both the exhaust and intake. The more pressure, the tighter they seal. It has five 3/8" pistons linked to the single crank by a master rod and connecting rods just as in a full size radial. Best of all, the design allows you to see nearly every moving part while the engine is running. Even the cams and pushrod end bearings can be seen.

Unlike a normal four stroke radial, every piston has a power stroke every revolution. Five power strokes per revolution!


.375 pistons with .375 stroke
Just under 5 inches overall OD
The cylinders are .75 inches OD
The crankcase is 1.65 OD
The Drive shaft is 1/4

Building it:

The HALO is Liney Machine's most complex engine. It would be a very good project for someone with a CNC mill but we took great care to ensure that every part can be done on manual equipment. We recomend a lathe and mill with rotary table. Sherline and Taig size equipment is excellent. I would rate this as a fairly advanced level project, but with care and patience, I think that a fairly new hobby machinist could build it. With these drawings and a little math you can build a 1,2,3,4, or 5 cylinder version.

There are no instructions included with the drawings. How to do the machining and assembly and tuning is up to you. There are lot of assembled views to aide you. Included in the kit are the technical drawings as well as all the hardware and metal you need to to build a complete running engine. This includes machine screws, nuts, pressure fittings, pins, ball bearings, springs, and washers. The machine screws included are not the cheap kind you see in most hardware stores. They are high quality fasteners made of stainless steel. All metal will be saw cut from new stock.

The Halo uses 112 machine screws in several lengths and head styles plus the other hardware. 191 pieces of hardware total. There are also 16 sizes of brass, aluminum, and steel stock. Considering the time and cost to purchase all this in small quantities, the price of the kit is a good value. The plans are included in the kit but can also be purchased separately. They are CAD drawn with clear easy to read dimensions. They come bound in an 8-1/2 x 11 booklet. There is an individual drawing of each part as well as several orthographic views showing different parts groupings as they would be in the assembled engine. These views are printed on transparencies so they can be overlaid on each other. This helps in understanding the operating principals, and how the parts are assembled. Please note that these are technical drawings not machining how-to instructions.

Price: $132.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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