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Boiler - Horizontal Stationary (BLR-2)

Boiler - Horizontal Stationary (BLR-2)

Ref: PM-BLR-2

This boiler is offered in 1/12 scale to go with our machine shop tools. The boiler is constructed of copper and the firebox is steel with 14 aluminum castings consisting of the following: front, back, door frame, 6 doors, 4 draft knobs and a stack transition. All hardware, bar stock, silver solder, working drawings, etc. are included. A finished safety valve and water gauge are also included. Tube sheets are flanged and punched. The door openings are 1 1/2 high X 2 5/8 wide. The water space is 3 dia. X 8 long. The fire box is 3 wide, 7 long X 1 3/4 high. It also has a cleanout door that opens to access the flues. It has a 5/8 dia. flues, 127 square inch heating surface and 44 cubic inch volume. This mighty replica of the Puget Sound Machinery Depot's top line boiler is a classic beauty. Having been long a mainstay in the northwest, she can be found in The 1906 Puget Sound catalog which is available in our booklist. We offer this fine boiler kit for those of you who will want to make your engines do some work. It is considerably larger in working capacity than our #1 boiler ans will handle all of our model engines except for our full size #4 and #6 engines. It is the perfect match to run your machine shop. BLR-2 Kit includes 14 easy machining aluminum castings, all copper tubing and tube sheets, all hardware and bar stock required, and a complete set of working drawings. Also, includes one each SOLDERFLUX Silver Solder and Flux kit, WG-1 Water Gauge, and SV-1 Safety Valve. Note: Machining and Assembly required. Weight 11.00 lbs

Price: $263.62 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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