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Peanut Rider (Solar-10)

Peanut Rider (Solar-10)

Ref: PM-Solar-10

The first RIDER engines were manufactured in 1880 by the DeLamater Iron Works. This engine was the inspiration for our Peanut RIDER. This all metal, black and brass engine with red flywheel is mounted on a solid hardwood platform. It is an excellent running engine and will make a handsome addition to your collection. Each engine is test run at the factory and comes complete with an alcohol fuel cell, extra wick, allen wrenches and owner's manual. Specifications: Base is 5 1/4 X 5 1/4, 4 width X 9 height, 3/4 stroke, 3 1/2 flywheel. Completely assembled and ready to run. Weight 3.20 lbs

Price: $165.62 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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