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Perkins Hit & Miss Engine (Kit)

Perkins Hit & Miss Engine (Kit)

Ref: Perkins-Engine-Kit

Perkins Scale Model Hit and Miss Engine Casting Kit

Kit Contains:

Cast Iron Castings (13)
2 flywheels, Belt Wheel, Base, Sub-Base, Bearing Caps, Connecting Rod, Carburetor, Water Hopper and Piston

Set of Gears (Bored to size)
Name Plate
Detailed Blueprints (3) 17" x 22"

Flywheels - 7.625 inch
Bore - 1.5 inch
Stroke - 2.530 inch

A lathe and milling machine are needed to finish the castings and to fabricate the additional parts required.

Shipping Weight 37 lbs

Price: $350.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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