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Galloway Hit & Miss Engine - 1/4 Scale (Kit)

Galloway Hit & Miss Engine - 1/4 Scale (Kit)

Ref: MC-Gal-S14-Kit

Galloway Hit & Miss Engine 1/4 Scale Casting Kit
(Requires Machining)

This is a 1/4 scale model of the 5hp Galloway produced by the William Galloway Co. of Waterloo, Iowa in 1908. Galloway used the mail order approach to sell their engines. These engines were sold in stationary or portable form.

The finished engine built from this kit is similar in size to the PM Research Redwing. The size of this engine makes it capable of doing  work and is a real attention getter at shows. A set of fully dimensioned plans are included. These plans were drawn in CAD and refined through several builds. The ignition system is an ignitor low tension ignition system. If preferred it can be easily changed to work with a spark plug and more common system such as a buzz coil or auto spark coil and points.

The minimum recommended equipment size to build this engine are a 10 x 20 lathe and a knee mill such as a Bridgeport or clone. This engine can be built on a larger benchtop mill. We do not recommend machining this kit on a small mill such as the Sherline or small chinese mill. 

Kit Contents:
  • Full set of plans printed on 11 x 17 sheets
  • Galloway Water Hopper Decals x2
  • Name Plate
  • Cam Gear with integrated cam
  • Crank Gear
  Aluminum Castings (2)
  • Piston
  • Water Hopper
  Cast Iron Castings (8)
  • Flywheel x2
  • Base
  • Bearing Caps
  • Head
  • Cylinder
  • Cylinder Sleeve
  • Sub Base
  Bronze Castings (9)
  • Governor Weight
  • Igniter
  • Igniter Trip
  • Mixer
  • Muffler Bottom
  • Muffler Top
  • Push Rod Bracket
  • Rocker Bracket
  • Rod Bearing

Price: $549.95 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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