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Stuart D10 Vertical Twin

Stuart D10 Vertical Twin

Ref: Stuart-34-50-71204

Model: Stuart D10 Unmachined Set of Castings Description:The Stuart D10 is well suited to all kinds of stationary and marine work, being able to reach speeds of up to 2000 rpm. This model must be seen to be fully appreciated. It is both elegant and well designed in addition to being thoroughly practical. Please remember our sets of castings require the use of a lathe and milling machine to turn them into a working steam engine. Specifications:Height6 Inches.Flywheel Diameter3 Inches Diameter. Bore3/4 Inch Diameter.Stroke3/4 Inch.Contents:Cast IronBoxbed, soleplate, standards, cylinders, valve chests and covers, top and bottom cylinder covers, flywheel.BrassSlide valves, pistons, connecting rods, eccentric rods, valve operating blocks, glands, crossheads, crankshaft bearings.SteelCrankshaft, crankwebbs, eccentric sheaves, crosshead pins, piston and valve rods.SundriesDetailed drawings, gaskets, cylinder lagging, gland packing, fixings pack.Weight9 lbs

Price: $284.91 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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