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Stuart S50 Mill Engine

Stuart S50 Mill Engine

Ref: Stuart-34-50-71315

Model: Stuart S50 Unmachined Set of Castings Description: The Stuart S50 is an elegant model of a typical mill engine, as used in the North of England, to power small factories throughout the 19th and Early 20th Centuries. The Stuart S50 is an ideal first time model engineering project. It is supplied as a full set of castings together with all the materials, fixings and drawings needed to finish the model. Please remember our sets of castings require the use of a lathe and milling machine to turn them into a working steam engine. Specifications: Length 8 1/2 Inches. Flywheel 3 Inches. Bore 5/8 Inch. Stroke 1 1/4 Inches. Contents: Cast Iron Soleplate, cylinder, valve chest and cover, front and rear cylinder covers, flywheel. Brass Slide valve, piston, eccentric strap, valve operating block, glands, crosshead. Steel Crankshaft, crankwebb, connecting rod, eccentric sheave, eccentric rod, distance pieces, slide bars, crankpin, piston and valve rods. Sundries Detailed drawings, gaskets, fibre washer, cylinder lagging, gland packing, fixings pack. Weight7 lbs

Price: $160.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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