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Compound Launch Casting Kit

Compound Launch Casting Kit

Ref: Stuart-34-50-71385

Model: Stuart Compound Launch Unmachined Set of CastingsDescription:The Compound and Twin Launch are, with the exception of the cylinders, essentially the same engine. The advantage of the Compound is that the steam consumption is much more efficient than that of the Twin Launch. This model is supplied as a set of castings complete with reverse gear, piston rings, fixings and fittings and will power between a four and a half and six foot boat.Specifications: 5 1/2 Inches.Discwheel Diameter1 3/4 Inch.Cylinder Bores 3/4 Inch and 1 1/4 Inch.Cylinder Stroke7/8 Inch.Contents: Cast IronCylinder casting, valve chests and covers, top and bottom cylinder covers, pistons, eccentric sheaves, discwheel.GunmetalSoleplate, slider bracket, connecting rods, eccentric rods, slide valves, flanges, glands, crossheads, crankshaft bearings.SundriesDetailed drawings, cylinder lagging, gasket material, piston rings, gland packing, fixings pack.

Price: $387.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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