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Feed Pump & Reservoir - Complete

Feed Pump & Reservoir - Complete

Ref: Stuart-34-50-76003

Model: Feed Pump & Reservoir Description:This is the feed pump and reservoir which we use in our complete steam plant kits. The pump is gunmetal with a stainless steel piston. The reservoir is made out of copper and comes complete with a check valve and pipework to connect to our range of boilers. Specifications:Pump Bore1/2 inch.Pump Stroke1 inch.Reservoir Capacity1 1/2 Pints.Reservoir Height6 1/2 inches.Reservoir Width3 1/2 inches.Reservoir Breadth4 inches.Contents:ComponentsPainted pump and reservoir with pipework and check valve.Weight6.0 lbs

Price: $418.40 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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