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VJ Monitor Hit & Miss Engine (Bronze Kit)

VJ Monitor Hit & Miss Engine (Bronze Kit)

Ref: MC-VJMonitorBr-Kit

Baker Manufacturing Co.

Evansville, Wisconsin


Little Monitor pumping engine


This is a model kit of the Little Monitor pumping engine originally produced by the Baker Manufacturing Co. The kit consists of 20 castings, 2 gear castings that are already machined for the pump, two gears for timing, and a full set of plans.


The full size 1-1/4 HP engine was known for its reliability. Thousands of these engines were used across the country. By 1941 the 3 HP horizontal and the Monitor pumper were the only engines in production. This is a pretty little model engine and a challenging build. We currently only have 4 sets of castings left and they are cast in bronze. If you want one of these kits get a set quick before they are gone!


The completed engine shown in the pictures was built from an aluminum castings not a bronze set.


NOTE: The kit does not include the pump castings.

Price: $550.00 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)


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