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Wilesco D 305 Fire Truck

Wilesco D 305 Fire Truck

Ref: Wilesco-D 305

The Wilesco Model D 305 steam driven Fire Truck is based on an original which was produced by Magirus in Germany at the beginning of the last century. The Fire engine is operated by the steam engine. it can be driven forward and reverse. The speed is regulated by using the speed control valve. Further details: Vertical mirror polished brass boiler, diameter 3.2", height 5.9", boiler capacity 27.5 in³, elongated gauge glass. Single boiler flue with a diameter of .8" built into the boiler to improve efficiency and for the escape of steam exhaust. Safety flue attachment. Vertical reversible double action brass cylinder. Flywheel with a diameter of 3.2", spring loaded safety valve, steam whistle with chain, steam regulator, gathering tray for condensed water, die cast wheels with solid rubber tires, wooden seats, fire bell. Two lacquered die cast lamps, steering wheel for the front wheels. Clutch engaged gear transmission with chain drive to the rear axle. When the fire engine is stationary and the clutch is disengaged the water pump can be operated. The water tank is under the front seat, with hose leading to the pump. Squirts up to 9.8 ft. Two removable reels, each with a hose of 31.5" length, coupling and jet. This Wilesco model is finished in red, black and brass. Operating time approx. 15 minute. Length 16.2" Width7.5" Height 9.8" Weight: 7 lbs. 3oz. Don't Forget the Esbit Fuel and the Steam Oil for Your Engine! See Bottom of Page. <a href="/.wilescoenginetyped305-c-0_64_65_101.html"><img style="border-style:none" src='/images/icons/parts.jpg'/> <a href="/.wilescoenginetyped305-c-0_64_65_101.html">Parts <a href="/product-manuals/wilesco/D305Manual.pdf" ><img style="border-style:none" src='/images/icons/manuals.jpg'/> <a href="/product-manuals/wilesco/D305Manual.pdf" >Manual

Price: $399.95 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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