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Wilesco D 320 Steam Lorry

Wilesco D 320 Steam Lorry

Ref: Wilesco-D 320

This nostalgic lorry with remote control is a scaled model of a lorry series which dates from 1915. At that time the transport of goods with such vehicles was more easygoing and had nothing to do with today&rsquo;s just-in-time-deliveries. This historical platform lorry is equipped with a real functioning steam engine. The boiler and the double acting cylinder are placed in the driver&rsquo;s cab. The roof of the cab can be removed to fill the upright boiler with water. The burner slide is located between the wheels of the front axle. The steering mechanism with remote control is placed on the bottom of the lorry. The wooden platform can be discharged manually. Length: 18.1 in. Width: 6.7 in. Height: 9 in. Weight: 6.8 lbs. Don't Forget the Esbit Fuel and the Steam Oil for Your Engine! See Bottom of Page. <a href="/.wilescoenginetyped320-c-0_64_65_97.html"><img src="/images/icons/parts.jpg" style="border-bottom-style: none; border-right-style: none; border-top-style: none; border-left-style: none" /> <a href="/.wilescoenginetyped320-c-0_64_65_97.html">Parts

Price: $499.95 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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