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Wilesco D 48 Marine Engine

Wilesco D 48 Marine Engine

Ref: Wilesco-D 48

Wilesco D 48 mirror polished and nickel plated boiler, diameter 2.2 in., length 5.5 in., boiler capacity 15.25 in³, with water gauge glass, spring loaded safety valve, filler cap. Boiler heated with butane gas. Removable nickel plated gas holder with filler and regulating valve, suitable for all conventional filling devices. Gas consumption about 20 g, flywheel with a diameter of 2 in., fully reversible (allowing forward and reverse), self starting automatic drive. Installation of an universal coupling with a diameter of 4 mm is possible on either side of the drive shaft. Fully reversible steam regulator , infinitely variable, RC-connection can be joined to the reversing lever. Weight (complete) 2.2 lbs. (2.9 lbs. with filled boiler). Size of base plate boiler and gas holder: Length 7.1 in., width 4.3 in., height 5.5 in., weight 1.3 lbs. Aggregate: Length 4.9 in., width 3.5 in., height 3.9, weight .88 lbs. Suitable for boats of a length up to 39.5 inches. Don't Forget the Steam Oil for Your Engine! See Bottom of Page. <a href="/.wilescoenginetyped48-c-0_64_65_69.html"><img style="border-style:none" src='/images/icons/parts.jpg'/> <a href="/.wilescoenginetyped48-c-0_64_65_69.html">Parts <a href="/product-manuals/wilesco/D48Manual.pdf" ><img style="border-style:none" src='/images/icons/manuals.jpg'/> <a href="/product-manuals/wilesco/D48Manual.pdf" >Manual

Price: $448.95 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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