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Wilesco H 100 Stirling Engine

Wilesco H 100 Stirling Engine

Ref: Wilesco-H 100

This Stirling Motor is another member of the Wilesco family and a real decoration on each desk. New technologies combined with a 200-year-old idea led to this powerful Wilesco model for which only one beeswax tea pot candle as energy resource is required. It is powerful enough to drive further Wilesco models or even to light another streetlight. This timeless design and new generation of power of a Stirling motor is a must for all enthousiastic engineers. Length: 9.8 in. Width: 4.75 in. Height: 4.75 in. Weight: 2 lbs. Don't Forget Extra Candels for Your Engine! See Bottom of Page. <a href="/.wilescoenginetypeh100-c-0_64_65_73.html"><img style="border-style:none" src='/images/icons/parts.jpg'/> <a href="/.wilescoenginetypeh100-c-0_64_65_73.html">Parts <a href="/product-manuals/wilesco/H100Manual.pdf" ><img style="border-style:none" src='/images/icons/manuals.jpg'/> <a href="/product-manuals/wilesco/H100Manual.pdf" >Manual

Price: $419.43 (Excluding OH Sales Tax at 7%)

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